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Welcome to Mount Sinai Ministries

Church n The Mall

On Sunday, June 1, 2003, Mount Sinai Baptist Church opened a second location in Randall Park Mall. The Church 'N The Mall was originally located on the lower level of the west wing near the Magic Johnson Theater. The Church N' the Mall now meets at the Mt Sinai Minisries Campus. Service will open with praise beginning at 1:00 p.m. The new church also includes children's ministry. Children will participate in bible study, receive (Christian) educational enhancement materials and a meal during adult worship service.

Under the leadership of Senior Pastor C. Jay Matthews, Mount Sinai Baptist Church developed a concept called marketplace ministries and launched Mount Sinai Ministries 1996. Mount Sinai Ministries has since gone on to become the largest African-American faith-based organization in Cuyahoga County. "Jesus went out into the marketplace.

That's where his ministry was. He never built a great cathedral. This concept for the 21st century church is new, innovative and something that would reach our youth and bring them into relationship with Jesus Christ," said Matthews. Although the focus at the mall location is on youth and young adults, young and old alike are welcome. "The marketplace of the 21st century is our shopping malls. What better place to open a church than in the mall," Matthews continues.

"We live in a mall culture, which is why this is a natural fit. The mall already has a built-in client base and there is plenty of space. Plus, that's where our kids are." Founded in 1927, Mount Sinai Baptist Church is a non-traditional Baptist church with more than 2,000 members.



Sunday: Mt Sinai Campus Service, 1pm 
Each week we come together in an informal setting and worship Jesus. We begin with praise and worship and a word is given by Pastor CJ Matthews II. 



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